Under the Microscope: Chevy’s Targeting of Screen Jumpers During the Super Bowl (MarketingVox)

Under the Microscope: Chevy’s Targeting of Screen Jumpers During the Super Bowl

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The Background: When Yahoo rolled out its new mobile formats in December 2010 it also talked up the concept of screen jumpers – that is, people who simultaneously watch events on television and check out related action – or not – on their mobile devices. The company’s market research arm, Yahoo! Insights, found that mobile traffic spikes whenever major TV events – such as live awards shows and sports competitions – take commercial breaks. For instance, during the 2010 Oscars, traffic on the Yahoo! Mobile site increased an average of 12% while TV ads were airing compared with the control period, according to the Yahoo Advertising blog.

What: Chevy decided to test this concept using OneRiot’s newly-launched social targeting service for mobile ads, the company said in a blog post.

How: The service allows advertisers to reach targeted audience segments, such as mothers or sports fanatics or tech influencers, on the mobile device. Segmentation and targeting are based on audience interest profiles, demographics, social influence and realtime conversations.

The Debut: The service was in beta and then tried out with Chevy and its advertising agency Big Fuel during the Super Bowl. It wanted to target that segment of the TV-watching audience [video] that were also glued to their mobile phones during the game. OneRiot obliged, it wrote, targeting Chevy’s campaign to male US sports fans and car enthusiasts who were talking about football across a network of leading mobile Twitter apps during the game. When the audience checked their app, they saw the ad for Chevy.

How is it Performing? In an interview with Tech Crunch, OneRiot CEO Tobias Peggs says CTRs for the service are consistently above 1% for mobile ads.



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