Targeting By Facebook Likes: How Decanted Wines Increased CTRs, Dropped Costs (MarketingVox)

Targeting By Facebook Likes: How Decanted Wines Increased CTRs, Dropped Costs

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Facebook recently introduced two relationship status indicators for the LGBT community: “In a domestic partnership” and “In a civil union.” While they thrilled the gay community, the distinctions were met by a shrug from advertisers, as they cannot target users based on these types.

It seems to be a missed opportunity given statistics that show the higher economic achievements many gay and lesbian adults have reached. When asked about their own financial security compared to last year, 30% of gay and lesbian adults and 27% of LGBT adults agree overall they feel more secure, while the same can be said of just 19% of heterosexual adults or total adults, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive and Witeck-Combs Communications. (via MarketingCharts).

But maybe not. At least one Facebook marketer – Decanted Wines – is finding that while traditional demographic information does help narrow a target audience, it doesn’t necessarily increase advertising effectiveness. Instead, company marketing guru Jessica Fialkovich tells MarketingVOX that the company has had great success with using psychographic targeting techniques, based on interest and ‘likes.’

“With the increasing number of ‘pages’ that are replacing interests, we are starting to phase out targeting by interest and instead focus on likes/pages that would reach the same group,” she says.

“For example, previously we would target by an interest of wine, now we will try and reach the same group by targeting based on likes/pages that would indicate an interest of wine. For us, some of these may include competitors, newsletters or websites such as, Wine Spectator, Wine Library or”

According to Fialkovich, since implementing the psychographic targeting, the company has seen an increase of click through rates of 150%, increased fans of 75%, and surprisingly a decrease in click through rate cost by 30%.



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