QR Codes’ Changing Role in Online Marketing (MarketingVox)

QR Codes’ Changing Role in Online Marketing

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As smartphones continue to madly proliferate, so does the use of quick response, or QR codes, by online marketers. The most typical use, not surprisingly, is with mobile coupons or in-store promotions. However these barcodes, which are readable by both dedicated devices and camera phones, are being increasingly used in a variety of additional uses as well.

Experian QAS points to their use by email marketers in a recent blog post. “QR codes are small, easy to print and extremely low cost. Email marketers can code these 2D barcodes with direct links to email subscription opt-in pages,” according to Melanie Attia, email marketing expert and product manager for Campaigner. The codes can be added to just about any media such as clothing, on business cards, or any other kind of printed literature. “The benefit is that customers can quickly opt-in to your list without having to remember your website or landing page address – which is why the technology is popular as a URL shortener.”

Other ways marketers can use these codes, Mediapost reports, include:

  • Adding them to email and forum signatures. “Each of your outgoing emails should feature a QR code at the bottom in the signature spot in order to assist readers in linking to your subscription or selling pages.”
  • As special promotions for valued customers. “Promoting a “members-only” presentation, special sale, or particular discount with QR codes in specifically selected emails can serve as a prominent response expediter.”

Bank Statement Ads

Perhaps the most elaborate marketing example to date will be Clovr Media‘s ad platform that it is rolling out to the banking industry. Essentially, ads are embedded in peoples’ financial statements, which the user clicks on if he or she chooses. The purchase can be made via debit card, with the relevant savings included in the purchase.

The company is launching in April with campaigns to educate merchants on the technology, according to BoostInnovation. The first wave will be ads on websites and Facebook. Then the company will launch banner ad campaigns through the different ad networks. Then it will move into traditional circulars using QR codes and Zoove’s star codes, the site reports.



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