Too Many Posts Can Turn Off Facebook Fans (MarketingVox)

Marketing Data RoundUp: Too many posts can turn off Facebook fans | Online video growth stats

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Overposting, Crowded Wall Drives Away Facebook Fans

The most-frequently cited reason Facebook users give for “unliking” a brand is that it posts too frequently, according to [pdf] a new report from Exact Target and CoTweet. The report finds that 44% of Facebook users give this as a top reason for unliking a brand on Facebook. A close second is an overcrowded wall, with 43% citing this as a reason to unlike a brand.

Other leading reasons include content becoming boring and/or repetitive (38%), and only liking a company to take advantage of a one-time offer (26%).

Fifty-five percent of Facebook users have liked a company and then decided they no longer wanted to see its posts. In addition, 51% say they rarely or never visit a brand once they have liked it. A full 71% of fans say they have become more selective about what brands they like.

Online Video Gains Momentum in 2010

The online video market continued to gain momentum in 2010, with an average of 179 million Americans watching video each month, according to a new white paper from comScore. It also found that engagement levels also rose during the year, with viewers watching online videos more frequently. More than 88.6 million people watched online video on an average day in December 2010 (up 32% from December 2009), while viewing sessions totaled 5.8 billion for the month (up 13% year-over-year).

Americans also spent about 12% more hours viewing online video in 2010 (14.2) compared the prior year (12.7) due to increased content consumption and more video ad streams. The average American streamed a record 201 videos in December 2010, up 8% from 187 a year earlier.



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