Ken and Barbie, Back Together Again (Multi-Platform Media Campaign) (MarketingVox)

Ken and Barbie, Back Together Again?

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Mattel has launched a campaign to revitalize two of its iconic toys: Ken and Barbie. It has put to vote to Facebook users the question of whether the two should get back together again after a seven-year split on Valentine’s Day.

Mattel is using social media to reintroduced Ken – a new “Sweet Talking Ken” doll, who is the “ultimate boyfriend for every occasion” because he “says whatever you want him to say” – into its toy line, not to mention a healthy dose of anthropomorphic positioning.

Since the “break up” Barbie had a new boyfriend called Blaine, while Ken starred in Toy Story 3. But even as he enjoyed his celebrity, Ken’s aim was always to win back Barbie, Mattel says. (via Google/AFP). Fans can vote for their reunification on either doll’s Facebook or on

The campaign is also using Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube to spread its message. (Via Mashable). On all of these channels fans can follow attempts to woo Barbie.

He tweets about wanting Barbie back and about his favorite sports teams and what he is reading in Men’s Health and Esquire. On Foursquare, he left a tip at the Metropolitan Museum of Art saying “Barbie could spend hours looking at the timeless art, and I could spend hours looking at Barbie.”



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